• South Batan

    BATANES: 11 South Batan Spots to Visit

    The golden sun appeared amidst the clouds that signal an impending storm. The heavens occasionally gives a blanket of clouds that eventually withers then forms again. It is a tug-of-war weather between the sun and the rain on my second day in Batanes.

  • Taal Volcano

    Taal Volcanic Complex: The World’s Smallest Volcano

    Upon reaching the summit, the view of the Taal Volcano’s crater lake is so beautiful that it easily rivals the Beautiful Disaster of Mt. Pinatubo. This is the hiking trip that made me encounter the "real" Taal Volcano and introduced me to the one that we know in the textbooks.

  • The Private House

    The Private House: Your Home in Calatagan

    My room does open to a balcony where I fancied on the salty breeze and a panorama of an open blue sea brings. Aside from the occasional silver breaking waves, huge vessels will also catch your attention signifying that there is a port nearby.