Aozora Japanese Restaurant Tagaytay

Aozora Japanese Restaurant+Bistro: An Authentic Japanese Taste in Tagaytay

The cool weather of Tagaytay with all its scenic views will never be enough without a good meal from a good restaurant. A recent trip proved this motion to be true. Aozora Japanese Restaurant opened its second branch at Purok 157, Tagaytay-Calamba Main Road. My visit manifested their claim that it is a place where your taste meets the sky!

Aozora Japanese Restaurant

The name is from Japanese words 青 ‘ao’ meaning ‘blue’ and 空 ‘sora’ meaning ‘sky’. True to what they claim this establishment does take your taste to the skies. Aozora Japanese Restaurant being the first authentic Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay already set a benchmark for quality, ambiance and the customer service that they give. It is also notable that they maintain excellent reviews from various customers and critics alike.


Aozora Japanese RestaurantMinimalist, clean, and elegant; these are the words that I can describe what it is. The moment you enter the restaurant immediately it will feel like you are in a Japanese Prefecture. I am always happy whenever I find myself in a quiet and basic restaurant since your senses really focus on the taste rather than being busy with the visuals and so forth. Parking Space is also sufficient which gives this restaurant an easy access to patrons.


Aozora Japanese Restaurant

The first one I tried is the sashimi; it is the cornerstone element everytime I visit a Japanese Restaurant. If I wasn’t satisfied usually everything goes downhill. I am really delighted that it didn’t fail my standard. It is fresh, the odor is clean, and the tuna has that sweetness evident that it is fresh. From there everything went well from Maki, the house salad was really good the greens are crunchy and the sesame dressing is really nice. However, I was kind of afraid at first whether they only used a ready-made sesame dressing, but they didn’t it wasn’t the one that I always have for breakfast and it is good!

Aozora Japanese RestaurantThe one that really surprised me though is the Bulalo Ramen. The taste of Japan and the local favorite Bulalo rolled into one is truly a game changer for me, needless to say, it is addictive! You got to try it I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Customer Service and Value for Money

One more thing that made me have this restaurant as my favorite is the customer service. They are attentive on details and they are just simply warm. It is a happy dining place and the owner of the restaurant is really nice. The chef, the manager, and staffs are equally welcoming as well. Having a good dining experience is always rolled into 3 parts; ambiance, food, and value for money. Personally, I don’t mind the price as long as customer service is good, the ambiance is relaxing and the food is superb! Having mentioned value for money, I can say that Aozora is affordable even for lower-middle class just like myself. A dining experience for 2 will probably cost around 1000-1600 at most but it is all worth it.

Must Try

You’ll never go wrong whatever you’ll order but here are my favorites:

  • Maki Dragon
  • Tempura (That crisp outside and tenderness inside is heaven!)
  • Sushi and Sashimi (guaranteed fresh!)
  • Aozora Salad
  • Bulalo Ramen

Click here for the Full Menu

Visit Aozora Japanese Restaurant at these locations and social media accounts:

📍209 SVD Corner Tagaytay Main Road
Landmark: Infront of Containers by Eco Hotel
Contact Number: 09369809656
📍Purok 157, Tagaytay-Calamba Main Road
Landmark: Infront of Southridge Village
Contact Number: 09776837353

Operating Hours:

9:00am-9:00pm on weekdays
9:00am-10:00pm on weekends



5 stars out of 5

Aozora Japanese Restaurant

As a lover of Japanese cuisine and culture, I highly recommend Aozora in Tagaytay. The minimalist approach of the ambiance deeply compliments the colors and taste of the dishes prepared for us. Aozora is ideal for dates, family gatherings, and celebrations as well as just enjoying the crisp and cool weather of Tagaytay alone. Likewise, this is one place in Tagaytay that is worth going back despite the distance from Manila.

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