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Bohol Panglao Tour

Bohol is a worthwhile escape; There is not a doubt why it always comes as a choice as a holiday destination to locals and foreigners alike. I came, I saw, I got conquered!

Bohol is such a wonderful place! It is definitely more than just Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers! A place so rich in tourist attractions, a place loaded with fun. So here it is, a guide about spending 1 sunlight in Bohol. Better to start your day early and be prepared before sunrise and enjoy the Bohol Countryside up until sunset.


Bilar Manmade Forest


The good outcome of unity can be manifested through this manmade attraction which can we enjoyed today stretching about 2 kilometers along the national highway in Bilar. This is a sweet stop going to and coming from Chocolate Hills. Make sure to have your photos taken early in the morning since it can be hard getting your solo strolling picture in the afternoon while vehicles pass by. Its charm is at its peak by this time having fog and daylight seeping through the canopy overhead.

Chocolate Hills


Oh yes! Definitely an undisputed Boholano gem. Famous for its color transformation from lush green to rich chocolate brown in the dry season. One hasn’t been to Bohol without visiting this place. The hills are spread over 50 km2 area and there can be as much as 1300-1700 hills with various sizes.

Fun Fact: It is made of limestone! and seashells have been discovered after the earthquake of 2013 when some of the hills were destroyed.

Safety First Shiphaus


Intended as a vacation house for the Dumapias Family but because of its uniqueness, the structure became a tourist attraction. It is situated just along the highway a quick stop to be a sailor complete with shirt and hat. A must have a quick stop to have a refreshing juice after the radiance of Bohol sun.

Bohol Habitat Conservation Center


Butterflies are the main attraction of this place. Come and review the life cycle of a butterfly. This stop is informative as well as fun. I was able to hold caterpillars and saw pupa developing into a butterfly. Don’t forget to have photography tricks and grow butterfly wings ready for take-off!

Bohol Tarsier Conservation


The smallest monkey in the world! Endemic to Bohol! Tarsiers are nocturnal creatures which explain why they are sleepy during my visit. Please be quiet when visiting them and avoid flashes when taking pictures as much as possible we should refrain from disturbing them.

Sevilla Twin Hanging Bamboo Bridge


What could be better than crossing the Loboc River on a hanging bridge made of bamboo? And add more to that there is two of them! I wasn’t expecting anything about this location but needless to say I really enjoyed crossing the bridges. It felt like you are in a long hammock but instead of lying, you are walking!

Loboc River Cruise


Wanting to explore what the Loboc River has to offer? then don’t miss out to cruise on it. The cruise lasts for about an hour and cultural presentation also takes place. Don’t forget to board the boat empty stomach as they serve sumptuous lunch buffet.

Bohol Python and Wildlife Park


“Ophidiophobia” This is the day that I realized that I have a fear of snakes and the day that I conquered it as well. This park served as a home for the largest python in captivity named Prony after its captor. Prony died in 2013 but its bones are displayed and its skin was preserved as a taxidermy. I was only expecting to encounter a large snake but it has more than that, this place has collections of birds from Orioles, hawks, pigeons, and crows. There is a big ape, civet cats and monitor lizards. Encountering wild animals makes you think that the world as we know it is really small and we tend to forget that we are not the only resident of this wonderful planet. Watch out for Prony II as this python is now growing big like its predecessor.

La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish


Much known as Baclayon Church by the locals. It stands as a monument of history. It is the oldest church built from coral stones in the region and the front lining as the best preserved Jesuit-built church in the Philippines. The 2013 earthquake damaged the church but it is being renovated to bring back its glory. A worthwhile visit though we missed the museum as it was closed by the time I arrived.

Bohol Blood Compact Site


This sculpture was designed by Napoleon Abueva; a National Artist and Boholano himself. This piece pays tribute to an important part of history when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain drew blood with Rajah Sikatuna of Bohol from their arms and created a blood-wine mixture and drank it to the last drop as a sign of friendship from both parties. The compact was secured on March 16, 1565. The site is ideally located to enjoy the view of the sea at the distance.


Our Lady of Assumption Church


Generally known as Dauis Church, it was built in the 1920’s by the Jesuits. This church is an excellent portrayal of Byzantine-Romanesque architecture.

Dauis Watchtower


Just behind the church is this Spanish watchtower constructed in 1779. It is an interesting point that it became a landmark of its own.

Hinagdanan Cave


I am not a fan of spelunking but Hinagdanan Cave converted me. It is such a wonder to swim in the pool, the water is so cold and refreshing perfect for beating the scorching heat. This cave was discovered by a farmer who uprooted a dead tree on his farm and after which discovered a cavity and sent down a ladder (hagdan) and since then it was named Hinagdanan Cave.

Bohol Bee Farm


The entrance to the farm is actually free but if you want to join the small tour around the area you have to pay for a small fee which is reasonable since it is very informative and you will be able to hold a frame of honeybees. I even poke my finger on their honeycomb and slurp the honey oozing to my finger. Who could have thought bees can bee this friendly? Our group was very lucky that day because we are able to pull out the frame with the queen bee on it. Enjoy your organic tour and don’t forget their ice cream!

Dumaluan Beach

Fine white sand? then visit this place. The beach is clean though seagrass is present on the beach. It is not an issue though since resort owners always tend the beach to show its white sand. If you are a beach bum then never miss it out!

Alona Beach


The busiest part of Panglao Island. This place is teeming with tourist and there is a lot of restaurants and activities to do. Massages by the beach is a winner and a must try!

Where to stay and What to do next?

Spend your night at Alona Beach there are a lot of options depending on your budget options vary from inns to hostels to extravagant resort-hotel rooms. Do some water activities on the morning of the following day from Island Hopping, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Paddleboarding, and firefly watching at night or have a Henna Tattoo from Gegay Art Ybañez Tattoo!

What and Where to eat?

Never miss out Calamay, Peanutbutter Kisses, and Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream! Though Alona Beach has a lot of restaurant options I recommend these 3 restaurants because of their scenic beach-front view and their food is really delicious!

Hera Greek TavernaLost Horizon Beach ResortThe Buzzz Café

Suggested Itinerary and Expenses

TimeDestinationEntrance Fee
6:30 amBilar Man-made Forest None
7:00 amChocolate HillsPhp 50.00
7:45 amSafety First ShiphausPhp 50.00
8:30 amBohol Habitat Conservation CenterPhp 40.00
9:30 amBohol Tarsier ConservationPhp 60.00
10:30 amSevilla Twin Hanging Bamboo BridgePhp 20.00
11:00 amLoboc River CruisePhp 550.00
12:15 pmBohol Python and Wildlife ParkPhp 45.00
12:45 pmBaclayon Church MuseumPhp 50.00
1:15 pmBohol Blood Compact SiteNone
1:30 pmDauis ChurchNone
1:45 pmDauis WatchtowerNone
2:00 pmHinagdanan Cave and SwimmingPhp 125.00
3:30 pmBohol Bee Farm Vicinity TourPhp 30.00
4:30 pmDumaluan BeachPhp 25.00
5:30 pmAlona BeachNone

TRANSPORTATION: I traveled solo so I opted to use a motorcycle. The rent was for Php 800.00 and you have to take care of the gas in my case it was around Php 170.00. Not bad for a day packed with adventure.

Contact Person

Jerome Tumale Smith of I Travel Bohol
Phone: 09162190087
He may also arrange group tours for your family or friends.

Bohol is a worthwhile escape; There is not a doubt why it always comes as a choice as a holiday destination to locals and foreigners alike. I came, I saw, I got conquered! as I landed back in Manila it felt as if the engine’s roars is only a prelude to my eventual return.

Have you been to Bohol? if not, then when are you coming over? Did I miss anything? Please feel free to share and add your comments below Cheers!


  • Hetal Kamdar

    Bohol has so many beautiful attractions. I am stunned with such beautiful pictures. I am intrigued with your picture on hanging bamboo bridge. If I visit Bohol, I would love to go there and get such a click for myself!! Also wish to witness chocolate hills and visit python and wildlife park. Last but not the least, a massage at the beach sounds the best.

  • The Expat Mummy

    What a wonderful blog about a place Id never heard about. Its a must do for me now, this is exactly the kind of place I like to visit and explore. Well done on such an informative article

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