• Lakawon

    Lakawon Island: A Day Tour

    Once in a while, we need to step back and see a bigger picture of our life. In doing so we can validate that we are still alive and we are freemen nothing close to a corporate slave we somehow think we are.

  • Pinatubo

    Mt. Pinatubo: A Beautiful Disaster

    The mythical bird, phoenix, always fascinates me. Legends tell it possesses the gift of immortality; living in a cycle of death in fiery flames and humbly being reborn from its own ashes.

  • Bohol

    Bohol: The Countryside Getaway

    Bohol is a worthwhile escape; There is not a doubt why it always comes as a choice as a holiday destination to locals and foreigners alike. I came, I saw, I got conquered!

  • Cebu

    The Beaten Tracks of Cebu

    The poem states that if there are two roads diverged in a wood the poet will choose the less traveled by; but as for me, I will choose both since they have different stories to share and experience to feels. This time I visited the beaten tracks of Cebu City