• Siquijor

    Siquijor: The Mystic Island

    A horror to face, a challenge to travel the unknown. Siquijor is well known for witchcraft and the dark arts of magic. So I am here to investigate; is it true or just a rumor. What is your secret Siquijor? There is nothing scary about visiting Siquijor, the scariest part is actually leaving the place knowing that fernweh will kick in as soon as you board that ferry.

  • Bohol

    Bohol: The Countryside Getaway

    Bohol is a worthwhile escape; There is not a doubt why it always comes as a choice as a holiday destination to locals and foreigners alike. I came, I saw, I got conquered!

  • Cebu

    The Beaten Tracks of Cebu

    The poem states that if there are two roads diverged in a wood the poet will choose the less traveled by; but as for me, I will choose both since they have different stories to share and experience to feels. This time I visited the beaten tracks of Cebu City