Chavez Estate

Chavez Estate: A Savory Chocolate Experience

When we think of chocolates we often equate it to sweets and desserts but not here in Chavez Estate Restaurant in Silang Cavite. This restaurant gives new meaning to our beloved chocolate that comes from locally sourced farms across the Philippines. Chavez Estate brings out the best out of cocoa beans to a different savory dimension.

Chavez Estate Restaurant

Chavez Estate

I easily fell in love with this restaurant because it is easily accessible, the place is simply gorgeous and inviting, and the taste of the food is simply delicious! It is a location restaurant that is worth visiting.


Chavez Estate

The country rustic theme is designed by the owner himself which is also an architect, Raymond Chavez. The overall ambiance is really homey and relaxing it feels as if you are on a vacation in a cabin by the woods. The atmosphere is intimate perfect for couples having dates as well as family and friends simply bonding or celebrating together. Inside the restaurant, it is really comfortable and the aroma of freshly cooked foods permeates the room which is really relaxing.

Chavez Estate

Outdoor seating is also available and it is pet-friendly. I personally love this space since it is a total contrast of the busy Manila vibe. I highly recommend to have your dinner here and if by chance you are with your partner try to get the table on the platform which is elevated by the tree.


Chavez Estate

Customer Service and Value for Money

Customer Service is really good they are accommodating and they gave me a quick tour on the menu to help me decide on what should I order. They are knowledgeable as to what their restaurant offers which is a plus factor for me who is visiting for the first time and not really familiar to their cuisines yet. The price for the orders ranges from 200-400 Pesos which comes in a large serving that is enough to be shared.

Must Tries

Chavez Estate

  • Chocolate Dinuguan
  • Green Salad
  • Kinilaw
  • Salmon

Chavez Estate

Your visit will never be complete without a cup of their signature hot chocolate that started this café turned restaurant. You may ask for it to be salted or have it mint-infused. My personal choice is salted since it amplifies the creamy, earthy and nutty taste of cocoa beans.

Some Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chavez Estate

  • Powerful source of antioxidants
  • Dark Chocolate is known to reduce insulin resistance.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Improves brain function and generally lightens mood.
  • Chocolate will make you happy!

Visit Chavez Estate Restaurant and on their social media accounts:

Address and Operating Hours:
Bypass Road Aguinaldo Highway Silang, Cavite (Landmark: Riviera Golf and Country Club)
Contact Number: 0995-245-2573

Facebook: Chavez Estate
Instagram: @chavezestate013


5 stars out of 5

Chavez Estate

Chavez Estate Restaurant can be relatively far from Manila but it is worth it. It is a location restaurant in which you may visit whenever you are heading south without experiencing the hassle of Tagaytay traffic. Parking Space is also available and it is highly accessible via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Chavez Estate Restaurant is worth visiting and revisiting for its freshly prepared dishes that comes freshly sourced ingredients. Farm-to-table freshness at an affordable price.

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