Guimaras: The Mango Capital of the Philippines

Gui,maras Travel Guide

Guimaras is one of the small island provinces in the Philippines, widely known for its Mangoes. It is also a known claim that Mangoes from Guimaras boasts to be the sweetest in the world. I intend to go there solo on my visit but my travel buddies from Islas de Gigantes are going there too. Upon checking our itineraries before leaving Carles, we set the decision to go as a group instead.

Exploring Guimaras Island

Rising up early in the morning we manage to get the early boat from Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf. Traveling to the next Island province only takes 15 minutes and the boat fare is economical. We meet our guide upon reaching Jordan Port and have our transport vehicle ready. We then eat our breakfast just beside the port. After finishing our sumptuous meal we continue our adventure exploring the island.

Smallest Plaza

Smallest Plaza

Our first stop leads us to once called the “Smallest Plaza” in the world. However, it seems like this title was taken away by another country. The plaza is really small it is just enough space for a plaza. Though the title was stripped away it is highly likely that we will regain it again. A road-widening project is underway that will cut the area of the plaza once again.

San Lorenzo Windmills

San Lorenzo Windmills

The windmills of Guimaras is an effort to make renewable energy, 27 windmills in total create energy for 13 Barangays in San Lorenzo. Not only that these windmills provide the sustainable energy it also serves as one of the top tourist destinations in the island.

Capitol Complex

Guimaras Sign

After visiting these places we then headed to the Capitol Complex to have photos and to have our lunch. The Guimaras signage is a top tourist destination, they say that you’ve never been to Guimaras without a photo from this location.

Mango Pizza for Lunch


Yes! you heard it right! Mango Pizza it is. Mango Pizza is available at The Pitstop Restaurant. Honestly, I was only aware of mangoes being eaten as a fruit, a milkshake, an ice cream, and my personal favorite, Mango Float. In this restaurant, however, I was introduced to Mango Pizza and Mango Beef Bulalo. The taste is unfamiliar at first but on the second or third bite, you’ll realize that it is actually delicious and the flavors to blend well. It is to no wonder why this place is always full and patrons need to wait just to be served.

National Mango Research and Development Center

Guimaras Mango Research Center

Being an island famous for mangoes, the government makes sure that protecting and developing techniques for better yield and quality of Mangoes are being studied and implemented. I was caught in awe to see how big these mango trees could grow. Because mango season comes in summer it is wise to visit Guimaras around the 2nd week of May for the celebration of Manggahan Festival.

Trappist Monastery

Trappist Monastery

The Trappist Monastery grounds is a sacred enclave for the monks of The Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. These monks follow the rule of St. Benedict and are well known for their discipline and strictness. Strict as they are known, a few minutes of counsel from them is the highlight of my visit. The thoughts and counsel they gave me as a traveler is worth contemplating in the serenity of the place.

Guisi Lighthouse

Guisi LighthouseWith new found friends from my Islas de Gigantes visit.

Guisi Lighthouse is an 18th-century Spanish-colonial lighthouse. The lighthouse sits on top of a hill overlooking the beach and located beside the ruins of a Spanish outpost. The lighthouse is the second oldest in the Philippines and though the metal cast is what only left of the structure it is still a beauty to visit and to marvel how may sailors have reached harbor because of its guidance.

Contact Person and Expenses

Stephen Padohinog
+63 995 349 4196

Boat transfer from Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf costs Php 17.00 per way and travel time takes about 15 minutes.

It is quite expensive to rent a van, as for our group we got ours for Php 2500.00 but that’s because we only visited a few sites. another options are motorcycle for solo travelers, a tricycle or a multi-cab. price ranges from Php 1000.00 to Php 1800.00 per day.

Most of the tourist attraction doesn’t have an entrance fee and if there is it is not more than Php 50.00 please contact Stephen for applicable quotation.


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