Islas De Gigantes: A Day Tour

I reckon that my feet will set foot again in these wonderful islands of Gigantes. True to what they claim; this is a place full of superlatives!

The phone rang and instructions were relayed on that cold night.The salty wind from the open sea stings. An hour ago I remembered walking along dimly lighted streets from yellow-hued bulbs of the lamp posts overhead and occasional engine roars and crickets breaking the silence. Without company, exposed and vulnerable heading towards a port just a few minutes walk from a major mall in Bacolod. With these in mind, I held my ground, determined to make the delivery. With the package in my hand I pushed onward, This package must arrive Gigantes in the next few hours.The sea was enveloped in darkness with only the lower lights signaling the captain that land is near, our barge arrived at an almost empty port with just a solitary barge anchored aside from ours. All the passenger then left to their respective destinations all the while I am sitting, awaiting further instructions. Soon after my phone rang, I immediately took a tricycle going to Iloilo City where a van picked me up and took me to a wharf in Carles.This time the anxiousness wore away, and the sun was high in the sky. The clouds dances like cotton candies forming all sort of wisp and shape with your imagination the only limit. The sea glitters like turquoise, as the wave breaks to the surface, the horizon is so distinct from the dazzling sea and the matte blue sky.As soon as I board the boat fellow travelers were drawn to my package, with looks on their faces that seems to ask me “Why did you bring something like that here?” So I hurried up and asked the boat master to keep my package away from inquisitive eyes. With a strong instruction to keep it safe because it is delicate, and to avoid it from getting wet during transit. I was relieved that he obliged, and here’s where my trip to Gigantes Islands starts.

Islas de Gigantes

Cabugao Island

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Islas de Gigantes is definitely a pride of the Ilonggos, its resource-rich seas, beautiful island beaches, and clean air is a gem that doesn’t need any external polishing. Of all the islands Cabugao stands out being the most popular and the most photographed island making its way all over the world through various social media platforms.Balancing rocks, calm waves that break on the shore, coconut trees for a shade, white smooth sand, and an unhindered sea breeze from a vantage point exposing a captivating view. Tell me, Is there anything else that you can ask for?

Swim Time

To another island we go next, this time it is so lax that we all just went for a swim. Our skin now begs for saltwater and our feet asks for sands. The view of the islands from the beach is simply wonderful to see.

Antonia Beach

Tired from swimming, and skin almost burned from sunbathing it is time to enjoy the coconut shades and just relax and forget all your cares away.

Lunch Time

My eyes are full, my skin is burning, my spirit rejuvenates but my stomach is in distress! I totally forgot that I was hungry and I have a delivery to fulfill! As soon as we arrived in another island for our hosted meal, I immediately retrieved mg package and looked for the intended recipient.I hand the package over and my job is done. After a flight from Manila, a purchase in Bacolod, a midnight sea voyage to Iloilo, the delivery was made. It was a cake for Nanay Nancy from my brother Footlocker Wanderer who visited the island about a year ago.Oh yes! back to our lunch, we had scallops, calamari, and chicken. The unlimited scallop is a delight that I was able to bring 4 bags full after we left the island. Fish is my favorite protein and having them fresh could never be more satisfying.

Tanke Saltwater Lagoon

After we got ourselves full, we headed on to the final leg of the tour, to the saltwater lagoon that resembles the limestone cliffs of Coron, Palawan. I must say that I am lucky because it was only reopened a few weeks ago. If I had my trip a little bit earlier then I would never be able to visit this island. I must say that though Cabugao is the most photographed island; Tanke Lagoon is the most beautiful one, it doesn’t have a beach but the rock formation is a delight. Cliff jumping is also possible though fear caught me faster than expected. I promise that I have to jump next time.The courier finished his job and made new friends along the way. As the boat roared away, I reckon that my feet will set foot again in these wonderful islands of Gigantes. True to what they claim; this is a place full of superlatives! Before the sun sets down we headed back to Iloilo City. I was able to get a sumptuous dinner and lay my back on a comfortable bed.

While savoring my experience back in my hotel room, my phone rang once again…

Expenses and Contact Information

Bredco Port, Bacolod to Dumangas Port, Iloilo- 170.00 Php
Terminal fee- 15.00 Php
Tricycle from Dumangas to Iloilo City-100.00 Php
Van transfer from Iloilo City to Carles Wharf- 200 Php
Islas de Gigantes Daytour package 999.00 Php
Shower fee at the wharf- 20.00 Php
Van transfer from Carles Wharf to Iloilo City- 200 Php
Hotel accommodation- 800 Php
Total Expenses- 2504.00 Php

Who to contact?

Rhett Paul Bolivar

Contact Numbers:
0956 512 4927
0998 981 6812

Visit their official Facebook Page:


Where to eat?

Lola Di 24 hours Lapaz Batchoy

Address: Mission Road Extension, Barangay San Nicolas, Lapaz, Iloilo City


Where to stay?

Iloilo Grand Hotel

Address: Iznart Street, City Proper, Iloilo City
Contact Details:
0917 718 8843


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