Lakawon Island: A Day Tour

Lakawon Island Tour

Once in a while, we need to step back and see a bigger picture of our life. In doing so we can validate that we are still alive and we are freemen nothing close to a corporate slave we somehow think we are.

Life can be so busy that we can be easily caught-up to the wake-work-sleep routine. Once in a while, we need to step back and see a bigger picture of our life. In doing so we can validate that we are still alive and we are freemen nothing close to a corporate slave we somehow think we are.


Lakawon Island Resort is an ideal place to spend a holiday. Relax, unwind and savor the beauty of the sea. Located in Cadiz Viejo, Negros Occidental it is accessible via Bacolod New Silay Domestic Airport from Manila. The local transport system is easy to use that a first-time visitor will never be lost.



My flight took off at 4:25 am and reached Bacolod at 5:40 am. It is a mixed feeling of emotions; my mind feels sad as it is raining and there is almost a storm brewing at the distance, my heart still fights its resolve to go whatever comes ahead, and my spirit ever so still determined to enjoy every second I have to stay.


From the airport, I took a quick hot chocolate fix to warm myself against the coldness of the rain. I then rode a taxi bound for Bacolod North Terminal heading to Cadiz City. Lakawon is a prime destination spot so don’t be surprised to meet fellow travelers as soon as you board the bus. The bus conductors are courteous enough to assist you as to where the hop off location for the tricycle terminal going to the wharf. It will take 10 minutes winding through narrow roads some are cemented some are not which are surrounded by 10-foot high sugarcanes. It is a good experience that it makes me feel I’m inside a huge maze.

Lakawon Island Resort Reservation Process


Shortly after arriving at the wharf one must register for admission to the resort. The process is easy and organized.

  • Obtain your priority ticket.
  • Proceed to the reservation room.
  • Actual reservation from their system and print queuing number.
  • Wait in the waiting area for your turn for payment.
  • Proceed to the cashier for payment or any modifications to the reservation.
  • Wait for the information regarding the assigned boat for your transfer to the island.
  • Present your tickets and board your assigned boat.

From the wharf, it will take you 15 minutes boat ride before the banana-shaped island welcomes you.

Beach Time


The sea is rough, the waves break with a punch on the beach yet it still calms my soul from the turmoil and stress of the world outside. Later in the day, the sun showed and like heaven’s blessing the occasional blows of wind calmed down making the beach more suitable for swimming and dipping.


One thing that makes Lakawon special is that it is quiet, it relaxing and a perfect spot to somehow get away with problems and recover your strength to face them again. Indeed, Lakawon is rejuvenating!


Lunch on the Island


Bringing food to the island is not allowed but there is a restaurant within the resort. The selections are fresh and tasty. The ambiance is soothing and the staffs are nice.


It is highly recommendable to have freshly caught fish and a fruit shake. Since the price of every order is a little bit expensive, it is wise to be in a group and everyone should order different items and share it with each other.


Tawhai Floating Bar

Tawhai means relaxed in the local dialect and as for me, it is certainly living up to the name it claims!


Getting to Tawhai requires signing a waiver and entrance fee of 250 Php and does require a boat transfer that usually takes under 5 minutes.


This floating bar is believed to be the largest of its kind in Asia.


With all said just relax and chill, jump off the board to the water or just simply admire the clean view of the sea while having a cocktail.


Leaving Lakawon

All things come to an end and my stay in Lakawon does as well. As for now, this remains to be my favorite spot in the province of Negros Occidental. The last boat out of the island calls at 5:00 pm and that signals that I have to move forward again. Lakawon is a place where I left a piece of my heart, in which I will return as soon as the next opportunity comes.

Tips and Expenses


Get cottage number 22, it is nearest to the stilts and the swing.
Accommodations are available on the island. There are premium rooms and huts ideal for groups and budget travelers.
Be informed that the resort is not yet fully developed and construction here and there are ongoing, nonetheless, it doesn’t affect my overall experience


Taxi from airport to Bacolod North Terminal costs 150 Php.
The bus going to Cadiz City costs 99 Php.
Tricycle going to the wharf costs 150 Php which is good for 5 persons.
A terminal fee of 20 Php at the wharf.
Boat transfer fee of 150 Php good for both ways.
Lakawon Island entrance fee for 130 Php.
Umbrella cottages cost 600 Php.
Tawhai entrance fee is 250 Php.
A safe budget for lunch is 400 Php.
Total Expenses- 1829.00 Php

Visit their official website at or their Facebook Page at Lakawon Island Resorts.


A day in Paradise it is! Am I mad to go to the beach rather an island amidst an impending storm? you tell, but as for me, it is one of the best places I’ve been to.



  • Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Wow, I’ve been dreaming to visit Lakawon Island since I saw a post from a good friend of mine last 2015, but until now, I din’t get a chance to come here. Anyway, I love that you have presented this post in the most comprehensive way. Going here would be easy since you help me set my expectation about the Island. Your guide and your useful tips would be a great help, especially for those traveler that haven’t been here yet. I love seafood and having my lunch here would made me happy. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • shreyasaha1987

    It’s great to see you are traveling across Philippines and showing us so many parts of the country. Lakawon island is something I have never heard of before, and seems to be a nice weekend getaway from Manila. Thanks for the share.

  • Hetal Kamdar

    It is always a pleasure to read your posts and check your fantastic pictures. This place looks pristine and immaculate and I totally agree with your thoughts that once in a while you need a break from your routine work and just relax and rejuvenate. The floating bar has my heart and while writing this I really feel like sipping on a chilled glass of vodka and enjoying the splendid view around. Very impressive pictures, actually makes me feel like visiting this place soon. Thanks for sharing mate.

  • Noel Cabacungan

    Some people prefer to sleep on weekends. Some play days long. And then there are us who would go far away and slack around with nature.

    I commend you for keeping with your plans despite the impending rain.

  • Karie

    I totally agree with the first few lines. We need a break from the routine life. Lakawon Island looks like the perfect place to escape from the monotony of life! I especially loved Tawhai Floating Bar as it looks so relaxing. You are quite brave to go in spite of that impending storm! I would love to visit someday.

  • Marjorie G.

    I haven’t been to Bacolod and therefore, haven’t had a chance to visit Lakawon, but my oh my the beach is lovely. I love your shot under the bridge. Somehow, even when it’s cloudy, the beach still looks inviting. I’m all about a non-crowded beach because I like to enjoy the peace and quiet. The resort you stayed in looks nice and that floating bar, wow, I can just imagine myself sitting on the exact same spot, just taking in the view.

  • Harini

    This Island looks so pristine and peaceful.I love the blues of the water they look so crystal clear and beautiful.The concept of a floating bar is something I have never heard of and something that I would like to experience.I think I will a plan a trip here soon 🙂

  • Neha Verma

    The beach and it’s surroundings at lakawon are so beautiful. And the food is so yumm. However, what totally held me were your first couple of lines. So true, and so much resonates with my own life 🙂 Looking forward to another break from the corporate life

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