Mabuhay Deseret Foundation

Mabuhay Deseret Foundation: Making Something Sweet

Mabuhay Deseret Foundation is the largest surgical charity in the Philippines. The foundation has facilitated to more than 50,000 operations since its founding in 1988 by Dr. Edward William Jackson.

Mabuhay Deseret Foundation is really close to my heart and our family was one of the beneficiaries of this organization. My Aunt’s cataract was operated thru this charity. As they are celebrating their 30th anniversary; I’ve decided to write this post to let everyone know that we can contribute to something meaningful this Christmas Season.

I recently attended a Benefit Concert by singer and songwriter, David Archuleta with proceeds going directly to the foundation. The concert was also graced by performances from JBK, Mikee Misalucha, and Anton Antenorcruz.

Mabuhay Deseret Benefit Concert

The remarkable thing about Christmas is that we are more sensitive to the idea of giving back, to give rather than to receive. I’ve attended several concerts already but the atmosphere at a benefit concert is truly a different sphere. It is a well-received concert from both fans and supporters of the foundation. A group of fans (Archileta Philippines) coming back since the American Idol days even attended the concert.

David Archuleta personally visited the foundation prior to the concert and gave 3 songs for everyone to enjoy. It is a heart-warming event as the patients really enjoyed it so much.

The thing is, not every one of us can attend and many of us were not able to come to the concert. This being the case we can still donate. The beneficiaries of this good foundation are fighting battles that are not familiar to most us. Mabuhay Deseret Foundation helps to give a brighter smile, to have their first steps and to have vision.

I can truly say that it changes lives, for the better, for the good and not that only the patients, but donors and volunteers too. It is an organization of efficient teamwork from volunteers and medical professionals. Truly it is live up to its name as ‘Deseret’ an ancient word for honeybee that represents its philosophy of working together.

Donate Now

You may visit their website by clicking the image below and donate.

mabuhay deseret foundation

You may also visit their office in:

#127 14th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City,
Metro Manila, Philippines 1109

Note: The foundation facilitates only the following conditions: cataract, cross-eyes, cleft lip/palate (below 16 yrs old for palate), burn contractures, clubfoot (age 18 and under only), and below the knee amputees BKA.

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