• The Private House

    The Private House: Your Home in Calatagan

    My room does open to a balcony where I fancied on the salty breeze and a panorama of an open blue sea brings. Aside from the occasional silver breaking waves, huge vessels will also catch your attention signifying that there is a port nearby.

  • Chavez Estate

    Chavez Estate: A Savory Chocolate Experience

    Chavez Estate Restaurant gives new meaning to our beloved chocolate that comes from locally sourced farms across the Philippines. Chavez Estate brings out the best out of cocoa beans to a different dimension.

  • Aozora Japanese Restaurant Tagaytay

    Aozora Japanese Restaurant+Bistro: An Authentic Japanese Taste in Tagaytay

    The name is from Japanese words 青 'ao' meaning 'blue' and 空 'sora' meaning 'sky'. True to what they claim this establishment does take your taste to the skies. Aozora Japanese Restaurant being the first authentic Japanese Restaurant in Tagaytay already set a benchmark for quality, ambiance and the customer service that they give.

  • tarak ridge bataan

    Tarak Ridge: Mt. Mariveles a Backtrail Day Hike

    For several months in hiatus this is the feeling that I am longing for, to be on the mountain basking on the luscious greens, a horizon that extends further that what I can see in the city. It was a really good climb but what is more satisfying is that I can say to myself that I am back, back in the trail, back to my first love.