• Phillips Sanctuary

    Phillip’s Sanctuary Eco-Adventure Mountain Resort

    Phillip's Sanctuary offers a perfect venue for company team building, or simply a place for friends and family to hang-out and enjoy the outdoors.The mountain resort is plotted in a massive land area which means it can accommodate large groups. This is a great place to stay away from gadgets and to be closer to nature and your associates.

  • Ana Kalang

    Ana Kalang

    The Legend of Ana Kalang of Nagcarlan, Laguna has many versions. Some say that it is only a legend others says she actually existed. Ana Kalang is portrayed as a strong military individual others says she is a mountain fairy like Maria Makiling. Whether she actually existed in real life or not, we will never know for sure. However, it is imperative to pass on this local legend for the next generation to cherish.