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The poem states that if there are two roads diverged in a wood the poet will choose the less traveled by; but as for me, I will choose both since they have different stories to share and experience to feels. This time I visited the beaten tracks of Cebu City

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
The Road Not Taken
-Robert Frost


The sun rose at 5:27 am, Having caught in heavy traffic and the line for security felt like ages, to my relief the final call for Z2 763 was announced just a little bit after as I was cleared for my check-in. I was the last passenger to get my boarding pass, and the plane was full when I got in.


I arrived Cebu 7:00 am and the went to a cafe for breakfast, then met my guide at the Travel Lounge. My adventure started 8:00 am through busy streets with a scooter driving and visiting Cebu’s well-threaded spots.


Love is the reason behind this structure. A man’s love for his wife showcased in an altar of columns and marbles. An honorary edifice to tell a story of affection similar to India’s Taj Mahal.


Mountain view deck and flower fields? Then visiting Sirao is a must! Located in Cebu Highlands it offers cool temperature and refreshing eye-candy; given by various species of flowers grown all over the area.


Known as “Little Amsterdam” Sirao Flower Farm showcases windmills and various species of flowers on its area, but what it boasts a lot is the well-maintained fields of Celosia, well known to be the flower of Sinulog Festival. I was able to feed doves on my palm and retired to relax and enjoy the view.


This place is better visited at night when the viewing deck offers Metro Cebu’s city lights at a distance. Nonetheless visiting it at high noon is not bad as it also offers a wonderful view to see which is definitely Instagram-worthy!


Longing for peace? Need a quiet place to contemplate on life’s challenges? Then come and visit Taoist Temple, I honestly admire this place since they really gave reverence to the area and respect to everyone who comes and enters their place. A kind reminder to follow their regulations and avoid taking pictures on specific areas, dress appropriately, be gentle and enjoy the serenity.


What is Cebu? This landmark summarizes the history of Cebu that cradled our known Philippine History. From the days of Chinese barter trading to the days of Rajahs and Datu. From Spanish colonization and fighting for our freedom; surely this one monument boasts the history and legacy of Cebu and may I say the Philippines.


Made of original wooden post and lintels dating back from late 1700. This house made of coral blocks contends to be the oldest house in the Philippines, and possibly the oldest Chinese house built outside mainland China. The family portraits in the house may prove the claim to be true. I thought their house was own probably by other family but upon asking, I was informed that the same family occupied the house only separated by different generations. This made me wonder if only the walls could talk how many tales of love, respect, comfort, and consolation these generations shared. I wish they can so it may be a lesson for everyone that yes! a family can be strong and last more than you can comprehend.


Classes in Elementary taught us about the history when our ancestors embraced Christianity and the most common relic of it is Magellan’s Cross. It feels extraordinary to behold an object that you knew throughout your life thru textbooks and seeing it for the first time.


Usually, when we think of forts and walled cities Intramuros comes first to our mind yet generally not known to many Fort San Pedro in Cebu is actually the first walled citadel in the country. It is a triangular structure with watchtowers on every corner and cannons at the sides. It
was designed to fight off invaders and pirates off of Cebu.

The city tour can be accomplished in just 9 hours or less but the impression lasts long. Who knows that it could be even a lifetime? The poem states that if there are two roads diverged in a wood the poet will choose the less traveled by; but as for me, I will choose both since they have different stories to share and experience to feel and for me that is a reason enough to visit or revisit this well-trodden path.

What to eat?

Cebu visit will never be complete without trying Lechon Cebu and Dried Mangoes.

Dried Mangoes, dried pineapples even dried coconut and tamarind sweets are definitely delights and try Shamrock Otap which are available everywhere.

Lechon Cebu Recommendations:

  • House of Lechon
  • Zubuchon
  • Ayer’s Lechon

If you are feeling adventurous then visit South to the City of Carcar for their best Lechon and Chicharon.

Expenses and Contact Information

TimeDestinationEntrance Fee
8:00 amSM Cebu Traveler's LoungeNone
9:00 amTemple of LeahPhp 50.00
10:30 amSirao Pictorial Garden and Camping SitePhp 50.00
11:00 amSirao Flower FarmPhp 50.00
12:00 pmCebu Tops LookoutPhp 100.00
1:00 pmCebu Taoist TempleNone
1:30 pmHeritage of Cebu MonumentNone
2:00 pmYap Sandiego Ancestral HousePhp 50.00
2:30 pmMagellan's CrossNone
3:00 pmFort San PedroPhp 30.00

Take MyBus at the airport going to SM Cebu, it costs Php 25.00. For the tour, you may rent a scooter that costs Php 700.00 for a day and that includes the driver who can be your photographer and guide.

Kevin Suroy Tah
(0935) 850 2452



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