The Private House

The Private House: Your Home in Calatagan

Calatagan is slowly gaining its spotlight as one of the favored destinations for a quick getaway from the Metro. Thanks to its shorelines that faces the ever blue West Philippine Sea and a laidback community that vibrates relaxation and serenity. The opportunity came to me as I visited The Private House, it is an ideal place to stay whenever you came to wander in this small town in the outskirts of Batangas.

The Private House

The Private House in Calatagan, Batangas sits on a 1.3-hectare piece of property in Barangay Bagong Silang about 7.4 km from the town proper. Being a little bit isolated from the rest of the popular beaches in the area; The Private House ensures your vacation to remain quiet and intimate amidst the gaining influx of tourists.

The Private House Amenities

The resort offers amenities that patrons will surely love during their stay. I personally find it wonderful to have the things that I needed to unwind and have my stresses drift into oblivion.

Swimming Pool

The Private House

The pool area will probably my favorite spot as it is perfect not only to dip on the waters but a quiet place to read your books as well.

Volleyball and Table Tennis

Have a break and have a competitive game of volleyball or table tennis as you spend the day.

Darts and Karaoke Machine

Hit the target or if you prefer to hit the notes of your karaoke anthem you my do so as well. The best thing is that since it is a secluded area, you can sing your hearts out.

Grilling Area

The Private House

Craving for home made barbecue and its addictive aroma will always a favorite and there is no better way than grilling while facing the beach.

Team Building Facilities

The Private House

The resort has Team Building Facilities as well under the luscious mango trees. The cool breeze and the much needed shade against the glaring sun will ensure that it will be a great experience.

The Private House

The course ranges from rope works, obstacle courses and wall climbing. Surely this is one thing that will make your vacation worthwhile as you come with your friends or co-workers. The area can easily accommodate 100-150 participants.

My Experience

The moment I entered the vicinity I realized that this place is really secured. Security personnel does check every visitor at the gate and they do roam around the perimeter especially at night. The building itself is equipped with CCTV.

The Private House

Upon check-in, I was enveloped with warmth on how they welcome their guests. The lounge resonates relaxation that immediately overcame the tiring sensation from an arduous trip earlier that day.

The Private House Calatagan

The room is clean with linens that are fresh and crisp. It is meant to be shared among 5 persons so this is perfect for family or circle of friends to spend the night over. The interior exudes a tropical vibe that will help you have a sound sleep and ready for the next day.

The bathroom has minimalist design with cold and hot water. I was really impressed that they have soap and shampoo dispenser instead of single-use soap and shampoo wrapped in plastic. I really love this idea, on an environmentalist point of view, I believe that this is one practice that every hotel and resort should emulate to minimize solid waste impact. As for your oral care, you really have to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.

The Private House

The Private house has 5 rooms that offer sea view and I was able to indulge myself in one of them. My room does open to a balcony where I fancied on the salty breeze and a panorama of an open blue sea brings. Aside from the occasional silver breaking waves, huge vessels will also catch your attention signifying that there is a port nearby.

Contact Details

Facebook Page: The Private House
Phone Numbers: 0927 512 2133

How to Get There

The Private House can easily be reached by UV Express Van at Taft Avenue in Pasay which is just beside Kabayan Hotel. It costs 180 Pesos per way and another 200 Pesos for the tricycle once you reached Calatagan. Travel time will be around 3-4 hours. Another option is to take a bus heading for Nasugbu then transfer to a bus bound for Calatagan. Fare will be 152 pesos and 45 Pesos respectively. Taking the bus will take around 4-5 hours.


5 stars out of 5

Calatagan The Private House
In a nutshell, I really enjoyed my stay. Surely this is one of the standards that will set my preference for my travels this year. The staffs were nice, they do smile a lot which makes you feel really welcome. The dining area is neat and the food that they prepare feels like home. The ambiance of the place feels relaxing and cozy. The Private House is indeed a place I can recommend for you to visit in Calatagan, Batangas. Enjoy a place where you can feel home while being far away from home.


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